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Midcentury Ranch Reno


Portland, OR
Remodel + Addition


Design: Matthew O. Daby - M.O.Daby Design

Interior design: Angela Mechaley - M.O.Daby Design

Construction: Hayes Brothers Construction

Structural engineer: Willamette Building Solutions

Photography: KLIK Concepts

Midcentury Ranch Reno was for a couple with 2 young boys & another on the way. With mom working from home & another addition coming to the family, they were about to outgrow the home they were living in. They purchased a beautiful, split-level mid-century ranch with a huge, rolling backyard. The backyard would be a great place for the boys to run around & play, and the split-level allowed for a large, separate play space without being too disconnected from the main level kitchen, dining, office & living room. As with many homes from this era, sections of the house were more closed off than what is preferred in present day. The kitchen was a tiny box with carpeted floor & a small window in the center of the house. The dining room was walled-in from 3 sides. The master bathroom was a hallway with a shower "cave" at the end.

Their new home needed updating but we wanted to keep true to the era of the home's architecture. The functional goals were to modernize the home for today's living habits & the clients particular needs by: opening up the flow of the main level, creating a wide, open connection to the backyard, adding an additional bedroom + en suite bath, & updating the primary bedroom's en suite bath. The aesthetic goals were to keep the mid-century spirit while making sure it felt fresh & updated.

We connected the kitchen, dining, & living by removing a wall. We oriented the kitchen parallel to the backyard & added glass sliding doors along the entire back of the house (a total of 4!). Though connected, we defined the kitchen/dining from the living by vaulting the ceiling at the living & applying clear cedar to add the warmth & interest. A small addition was added to afford an extra bedroom for their growing family, which allowed us to reshape the master suite and also gain a small covered patio beside the lower level play area.


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