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Portland, OR


Design: Matthew O. Daby - M.O.Daby Design

Interior design: Angela Mechaley - M.O.Daby Design

Construction: Hamish Murray Construction

Structural engineer: BKE Inc.

Custom steel fabricator: Flux Design

Reclaimed wood source: Viridian Wood

Photography: KuDa Photography

For this project, we converted the basement of an early 20th century bungalow into a warm and modern living space.  The program was to provide an apartment (or ADU - Accessory Dwelling Unit) for the owner's guests, that would also be used for entertaining and watching movies, as well as an office space.  Being that it is mostly subterranean with limited access to the exterior, the concept was to embrace an internally focused design.

A view across the long living space is created with an "internal window" that divides the office from the entertaining spaces.  The custom steel and glass partition takes inspiration from the steel windows of old warehouse buildings but with cleaner more contemporary details.  The existing post and beam structure was embraced as the separating element between the "public" space and the private bedroom and bathroom.

The materials are highly textural, chosen for their warm crafted feeling, and applied to highlight their geometry.  We sought materials that are interesting to look at and to touch.  The bathroom shower tile was an opportunity to reflect the client's sense of humor.

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