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McMinnville, OR
Custom Home


Design: Matthew O. Daby - M.O.Daby Design

Interior design: Angela Mechaley - M.O.Daby Design

Construction: John Mead

Structural engineer: TSE Engineering

Custom concrete countertops: Vesuvian Forge

Landscape designer:  Method Landscape Architecture

This modern home was designed with modular principles in mind, but ultimately was site built. A very efficient 1458 square feet keeps the circulation paths simple and relies on built-ins and a strong indoor outdoor connection to allow it to feel and live larger than its total area calculation. Accessed through operable glass walls, an additional 450 square feet of decks with a built in concrete Argentine wood fire grill expand the living spaces.

The homeowner is a general contractor, who currently owns a sustainable concrete fixtures company, built the house himself including the concrete island countertop, Argentine grill, dining and outdoor fire table.

The exterior is clad in “site torched” Yakisugi (Shou Sugi Ban) and cedar to express the structure as a carved volume. The composition of the house is arranged as a mediator between the scales of the neighboring houses, with the single story portion drawing lines from houses to the east and the taller section mimicking the house to the west. Further developing the dialog with the neighborhood, a bay on the front façade is an additive design element placed to align with the neighboring house’s attic level window. As much a curiosity on the interior as the exterior, this bay creates a cozy secluded nook behind a pocket door used as a get-away perch or an additional sleeping space for guests.

Focuses on natural and honest materials finish out the interior. Locally grow and sustainably harvested Oregon white oak floors, custom stained oak veneer and laminate plywood casework are paired with copper metal accents. Handmade Zellige tile accompany the homeowner made concrete integrated sinks in the bathrooms. Some drama is introduced with wallpaper that takes on natural themes.

The home was built to Passive house standards with 12” thick walls and super insulated / air tight envelope. A planted roof provides additional insulation above, helps to reduce urban heat island effect, not to mention creates a pleasant green view from the second level bedroom suite. Topping the roof is a PV Solar array that provides enough energy for the homeowners use, including an electrical vehicle, for a net zero energy lifestyle. For yard irrigation, the abundant Pacific Northwest rain is collected in three 3000 gallon tanks in the yard stealthily disguised as raised vegetable garden planters.

We feel we achieved our goal of introducing a new modern home into an established neighborhood while paying respect to context and environment.


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Take a 3D Virtual tour by clicking below:

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